Here you see my former 1965er Unimog U404S.
I called it "MOGGI"

Due to the fact that I did not have enough time
to maintain it I gave it away.
A club helping lots of different people in Eastern Europe
is now prowd owner of it.
See their contact address below.

Joerg Juenger

How did I find "Moggi" ?
Moggi was found in 1994 when a friend and I decided to go on tour with our enduros "KTM 600 LC4" in Maroc. Due to the fact that the weather in the middle of Europe is cold and rainy around March we decided to look for a vehicle to bring us down to the Luberon area in southern France.

Finally searching thru the adds on lorries in another newspaper I stop at the add telling about 6quot;Moggi6quot;. Suddenly I remembered my times at BAYER AG in Leverkusen where I most of the time drove a U1550 but sometimes for spraying fields two good old boys U406 got used aswell.
From that day on I was facinated by the idea to own a Unimog.

So I bought a Unimog. Before really using it for the trip to southern France and back home 6 weeks later lots of things needed repair. The whole brake system was kind of rotten. The ignition nearly did not work. Lots of places did not see greece for quite a while and all kinds of fluids needed to be exchanged.
Done that the radio box was emptied to get room to fit our KTMs in. Prepared like that "Moggi" is a really reliable vehicle ever since.

Due to a lack of time and no interest of others to buy "Moggi" I gave it to a club helping people in Eastern Europe. They will bring "Moggi" to a home for children who lived in the streets of Moscow before. It will be used there to insure that they have a vehicle to go to the next bigger city during winter time.
The contact address of this club:
Osteuropa Direkthilfe e.V.
Lortzingstr. 8
85591 Vaterstetten
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Good fundamental knowlegde about several Unimog types and their history is given in the book (in german language):

"Das grosse Unimog-Buch"
written by Lars Döhmann and Jost Niemeier
HEEL-Verlag GmbH, Königswinter, GERMANY
ISBN 3-89365-275-2